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Carlson Squid

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Carlson Squid are a top quality product and are among the best on the market. Each squid is handmade and colored to assure the highest quality standards.

Carlson squid are superior to other squid because they hold their shape and do not flatten when trolled.

There is a lot more to a squid than you'd think! And that simple difference might be the key to your next successful fishing trip!

Available in 5 fish-catching sizes. 7" and 9" are the perfect-sized squid for fishing Yellowfin Tuna and other species in the canyons.

The 12" and 15" squid are the most popular squid for fishing for small to medium size Bluefin Tuna.

The 18"squid is designed to be fished for Giant Bluefin Tuna and is the preferred squid of hi-liners from Maine to North Carolina.


The combination of years of tuna fishing knowledge and superior craftsmanship make the Carlson Squid the best there is!

Nipple end of each squid provides for reinforced hole for desired line size unique to carlson squid. When nipple end is cut you will never overcut or loose line support.

Carlson Fuku Squid

This is the premier squid in our line and is an excellent stinger.
They are available in 11'' and 13" sizes come in over 20 pelagic raising colors all with glow eyes.
Each squid is supplied with reinforced internal sleeve.




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