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Squid Color Chart

The best squid made are available in 20 colors in 7", 9", 12", 15" and 18". To order click on Bulk Squid

Each bird is made of high impact plastic and through wired with a welded stainless bar for maximum strength. Each bird is 12" long and comes standard with a SS ball bearing swivel. To order click on
Trolling Birds

A computer-designed lure that is ocean proven with strike-tested results. Weighted soft-lure head has the same feel to a predator as bait fish being stalked. To order click on
Offshore Lures

36" Titanium Spreader Bar with 15 11" Carlson Squid, 200lb Mainline, 130lb sidelines, 350lb swivel with detachable stinger, complete with anti-chafe gear and a black 8/0 Carlson Offshore Big Game Hook and a Carlson Offshore tackle bag. To order click on Spreader Bars

The Offshore Pursuits Tuna Train Express is a bird/teaser/stinger combination that is really 4 lures in one! The Express is deadly on tuna!To order click on Tuna Trains

Machine Daisy Chain 3 9" Machines w/ 12" Machine hookbait rigged on 10' of 250lb and 9/0 hook. Available in Pink/Black, Blue/Black, Purple/Black, Green, Rainbow, Black,& Lipstick. To order click on Daisey Chains

36" Titanium Bird Bar- (1) Carlson Bird - (2 Little Hard Birds) - (13) 11" Squid plus (1) 13" Stinger. To order click on
Spreader Bird Bars

This is a 5'-6" 50-130# tuna & sharkin stick. It will give you plenty of bang for the buck on almost any big game fish. It'll handle the load! To order click on Custom Rods


These are the most productive striper rigs around. They are four arm with a tube on each arm and a Tony Aceta spoon down the middle. The tubes imitate sand eels and the Aceta squid.To order click on
Striper Umbrella Rig

Carlson Offshore 3.5oz Casting Jig Through wire constuction available in 5 color combinations. To order click on Custom Jigs

Carlson OffShore 9 oz Vertical Tuna Jig Through wire constuction provides the strength required for Offshore Pelagic Fishing. To order click on Vertical Tuna Jigs

Carlson Offshore Wombat Casting Jig Through Wire Construction / Offshore Tuna ready Hooks Available in Pink, Green Mac/Silver, Green Mac/Gold, Purple, Orange, & Gold). To order click on
 Wombat Casting Jig

Carlson 9" Skirts are available in 4 colors Black/Purple, Blue/White, Green /Yellow, & Pink/White. To order click on
Carlson Skirts

You won't believe your eyes as you watch this rig perfectly imitate a school of baitfish being chased by a predator! To order click on Bluefin Tuna Rig

The new Offshore Pursuits Tuna Train Supreme is the perfect set of chain and lure combinations to cover any situation you may run into on the tuna grounds!To order click on Tuna Train Supreme